The games I play: intro

"Hey, this is Kos! Have you met Kos? He is a passionate gamer."

I get that a lot during introductions. The next line usually sounds something like "Hey Kos, nice to meet you, what games do you play?" sounds like a simple question, but I never seem to be able to answer that!

I could probably get away with something like "Old games" or maybe just "Factorio" and it would be mostly true, but hey, I can do better! Let's give it a little more thought...

Among all the random titles that I happened to launch, I can pinpoint a few genres that just resonate with me the most. I'm not a hardcore gamer and I have not explored any these genres to the core, but there's a super high chance that if you show me a game from one of the following genres, it will resonate with me instantly.

Here goes...


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